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stephane burkhart wrote on Fri, May 8, 2009 11:59 AM UTC:
Thank you both Joe and Larry for the explanations (i'm impressed by
Larry's french !) and please don't hesitate to swap this game with other
people to get feedback.
Larry, you didn't have to code the protection pawns variant as it was
already available in the game variants. In my implementation, the main
difference is that these extra pawns have just the possibility to block,
not to move nor capture, in order to respect the overall power of pawns on
the 128 squares. Regarding black power pieces, you're allowed to put them
on the first or the second board, it makes only a slight difference
An important rule that I didn't insist enough upon, is that 'real
Pawns' are blocked in their movement each time any of a square-to-move is
occupied (there are basically 3 squares, 1 on the first board, and 2 on the
second one). This leads to the 'same' positional sensation as in orthodox
chess, which I was looking for.