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Augmented Chess. Players give standard chess pieces small additional movement possibilities from predescribed set. (8x8, Cells: 64) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on 2009-04-20 UTC
[To Betza: for example, Adrian King I think took a 6 or 9 year sabbatical and returned recently. Hopefully Betza is still occasionally looking in and may reappear say the way Aronson does once a year; or I believe Jeremy Good commented once recent months. A shot in the dark: to novices Betza abruptly stopped commenting summer 2003.] This is one of a dozen avenues to Betza's systematic development of new pieces to order. It is better approach than ''what about this?'' and ''what about that?'' The hundreds and hundreds of Armies out of Augmented Chess include not all short-range pieces. Also, A.C. is a place to start for Betza's practically forgotten and not extremely useful notation. The trouble with Betza notation (in full) is that it has to be relearned each go-around, not being that automatically intuitive, and so becomes mostly affectation in reference. You end up putting movement diagrams in words anyway to go along with notation, for your personal expression at CV art never to be played. Ralph estimates the power density of each alternate array here as up about 1/3 over standard, the particular methodology of Augmenting. Elsewhere and more frequently Betza weakens instead.