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Prince. 8x8x8 3-D variant with new pieces. (8x8x8, Cells: 512) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Gavin Smith wrote on 2008-12-28 UTC
Thank you for the comment, Dave.  The idea of a 'hook mover' as you
describe it, with the alternate definition you provide of how blocking
works, accurately describes the Base, and I believe also the Scientist. 
Hopefully this can provide clarity to anyone confused.

The 'hook move' idea is not quite accurate for the Reporter in all
cases.  In particular, if a Reporter is near one corner of an open field,
there are some spaces near other corners that cannot be reached with a
hook move unless you allow the hook to pass outside the field, but can be
reached by the Reporter nevertheless.  

Also, the penny definition of blocking is not quite accurate for the
Reporter and combination planar movers.  The multiple planes some spaces
are in messes it up, and you may end up placing pennies in spaces that can
be reached using other planes.

L. Lynn Smith and I discussed this when I first introduced Prince.  He too
wanted to call the planar movers hook movers at first.  But I will stick to
my appellation of 'planar' move, partly because it is essentially the 2
dimensions of the move that characterize it, and partly because of the
technicalities described above.

But hey, I'm thrilled you get it.  Thanks again.