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Nachtmahr. Game with seven different kinds of Nightriders. (8x8, Cells: 64) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Jörg Knappen wrote on 2008-11-10 UTC
During the course of time, some of the referenced Web links became invalid. Christian Poisson's list can now be found here. The list of Oliver Sacks is completely gone (as far as I can tell), but the following is a good replacement 1000 Väter (in german).

The latter list features the Spiralspringer very well. Note the difference between german terminology and the terminology used here; what in german is called eng is called wide here, and what in german is called weit is called narrow here.

Note also, that Ralph Betza's Crooked Nightrider (combined narrow straight and diagonal crooked nightrider) is called Boa by problemists with the following reference given: R. Bedoni, Phé­nix (45) X 1996 S. 3344