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Larry Smith wrote on 2008-11-10 UTC
By simply adding a Pawn to each side with the K+R, the Rook is able to assist its Pawn toward promotion better than the opponent. And thus will tip the balance, whether by obtaining more material or exchange. Or simply capture the opposing Pawn, sacrificing its own and thus return to the previous condition.

Ran this scenario with the Pawns beginning on their starting cells; widely spaced, in adjacent files and in the same file.

Also tried the piece code with double value. It appears to survive a little longer in the game, as the engine appears not willing to exchange it for anything less than Rook.

This forced value can be used to advantage by a human player during the middle game. Causing the AI to be over-protective, and cripple its position development. With Bishop or Knight threats.

If the piece remains at its low value, the human player can also take advantage by encouraging the AI to sacrifice its pieces early in the game. With Bishop or Knight sacrifices.

Maybe it should not be double value, but only increased to just slightly higher than the Bishop or Knight.