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Falcon Chess. Play Falcon Chess on Game Courier![All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
H. G. Muller wrote on 2008-11-09 UTC
It is not that bad. Depending on where exactly you start the Falcons on the back rank, it is possible to develop them laterally. E.g. on a 10x8 board a Falcon can move from i1-h1-g1-f2 or h1-g1-f2-e2/3 to the squares in front of K or Q after you evacuated the B and N from the back rank. This was the solution usually preferred by Fairy-Max in the Falcon Chess demo-match games it played. It is true in general that 'castling early' is in general difficult in 10x8 variants, and that many games went without castling.

Note that a single Falcon does have mating potential against a bare King, and is a close match for a Rook both in opening and end-game.