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Falcon Chess. Play Falcon Chess on Game Courier![All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Fergus Duniho wrote on 2008-11-09 UTC

I have never been hostile toward Falcon Chess. My hostility has been toward you personally. Let me make it clear, it is all about you, not your game. You made a very bad first impression on me, and your subsequent behavior has mainly gone to reinforce that first impression. Your claim that you “never have bad will” toward me really comes as a surprise, given that you frequently toss jibes at me. Even the comment I'm responding to includes the jibe that I'm unimaginative. That's a really peculiar comment, given that my Chess variants are more numerous and different from each other than yours are. I don't recall badgering you out of a tournament. I do recall reprimanding you for belligerent conduct in the forums, and perhaps you dropped out of the tournament because that made you feel uncomfortable, but I certainly didn't badger you out of a tournament, and it was never my intention that you drop out of the tournament. My intention was that you shape up. Now, you may not be aware of how belligerent you can be, because your usual style is to toss off jibes in passing rather than to clearly insult people directly. Be that as it may, it is an expression of hostility (possibly covert and hidden from your awareness) and it engenders hostility toward you. So I ask you to catch yourself when you're writing jibes and to delete them before sending your comments.