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Larry Smith wrote on 2008-11-09 UTC
For those who are interested, the following is my Zillions coding for 'the piece that shall not be named'.


(define xxxxxx_move
  $1 $2
  (set-flag clear_path 
      (and empty? (or (empty? $3)(empty? $5)))
      (and (empty? $4) (empty? $5))
  (verify (flag? clear_path))
  $1 (verify not-friend?)

(xxxxxx_move n ne s w sw)
(xxxxxx_move n nw s e se)
(xxxxxx_move s se n w nw)
(xxxxxx_move s sw n e ne)
(xxxxxx_move e ne w s sw)
(xxxxxx_move e se w n nw)
(xxxxxx_move w nw e s se)
(xxxxxx_move w sw e n ne)
(xxxxxx_move ne n sw e s)
(xxxxxx_move nw n se w s)
(xxxxxx_move se s nw e n)
(xxxxxx_move sw s ne w n)
(xxxxxx_move ne e sw n w)
(xxxxxx_move nw w se n e)
(xxxxxx_move se e nw s w)
(xxxxxx_move sw w ne s e)


Using this code,  the piece was evaluated at 6529 in the center of an open 10x10 field by the Zillions engine. Compare this to Pawn at 2961, Knight at 9153 and Bison at 14699.