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YellowJournalism[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
gnohmon wrote on 2002-04-13 UTC
1. 'B moves all compelled pieces' Oh, no. I'll have to read closely and try to see why you could have possibly thought that. Instead, 'B moves one compelled piece (or makes a saving move for it).' One move at a time. If you have compelled pieces, your moves are restricted, just like being in check except that compulsion is more powerful because if you have several compelled pieces the opponent has several moves of free action (can go around engulfing everything while you are helpless). 2. 'if you are compelled into a square which you must move off' no, the compelled move must be a legal move. You can't move onto ichor just because you're compelled. 3. petrified Leaf Pile could still engulf if pushed -- I like that, it's more consistent, I have made this change. 4. Simplified version of the game. Ah yes, a game for demon toddlers. I like that idea, too. 5. I planned to integrate the documents by making the official rules a link from the first doc; and therefore removing most of the Interactions section (just keep a few highlights).