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Sissa. Variant on 9 by 9 board with Sissa's. (9x9, Cells: 81) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
H. G. Muller wrote on 2008-09-20 UTC
I don't see multi-path as an alternative to leaper / slide / hopper. Multi-path sliders aso exist, such as the Crooked Bishop.

I aways thought 'lame' was a pretty accurate description for pieces that do not leap well. The name for any handicap is bound to be derogatory, as no one like to be handicapped. But being subject to blocking is definitely not a positive trait, the piece vaue suffers greatly by this. The Mao is worth only half a Knight.

We could also call lame leapers 'creepers', referring to a mode of locomotion in tight contact with the ground, and thus easily obstructed. Multi-path is basically a fractional form of lameness, where multiple quares have to be occupied to block a move, while multiple lameness occurs when occupancy of one square can block several moves. (Such as in the Mao, which could be called doubly lame.)