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YellowJournalism[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
Peter Aronson wrote on 2002-04-12 UTC
A couple of tangental issues: <hr> Is <b>The Game of Nemoroth</b> a Chess Variant? It would rather depend on who you asked. On one hand the game is clearly derived from Chess, but on the other, some believe that a Royal Piece is the sine qa non of a Chess Variant. Thus, one person classified V.R. Parton's game <a href='../parton/100Squares.txt'>Damate</a> as not a Chess variant, even though is played with Chess pieces (albeit using capture by overtaking), while classifying my game <a href=''>Towers</a> as a Chess Variant, which I did not. Myself, I like a loose definition of Chess Variant. <hr> Why is it that when I encounter an Ultima variant, it inevitably seems more complex than Ultima, not less? (This includes David Howe's and my as-yet-unpublished game of <b>Rococo</b> (I haven't forgotten about it David!)). I guess there something about the game that says: 'this could be even more complex, try it!'