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Simplified Chess. Missing description (8x7, Cells: 56) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
John Lewis wrote on 2008-07-18 UTC
David Paulowich,

I've taken on what you've said and added the addendum that if a side can't legally move that they lose.

I very much appreciate your interest in this variant and your continue detailed review.

Please note that Rich is working on various other version of Simplified Chess that I am not involved with.  He liked the idea and ran with it.  My goals are and continue to be to create a set of rules for chess that are as simple as possible while retaining the basic feeling of chess.

I know that pieces, as you've shown, can become blockaded, but this position is almost a position that requires the player blockaded to purposely place his pieces in this manner.  It's so rare and extremely unlikely that I doubt it's come up in 99.9% of games.

However you are right that games should not have leaks and holes in them.  In attempting to simplify, there was his gap.

If you see more problems please post them.

Also, I would VERY much like to see a game report from you.