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Hadean Chess. Expanded chess with short-range linear jumpers, augmented knights and zebras and more dynamic pawns. (12x12, Cells: 144) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Charles Daniel wrote on 2008-07-04 UTC
Actually the name Flying Elephant was meant to be humorous so comment from resident comedian is no problem really . 
I am really puzzled how you assume I have derived pieces from people I have no idea even existed. The flying compounds here are a simple extension of pieces that existed for hundreds of years. If anything, I should probably give Joe Joyce credit since I used the same icons as he did (for similar but slightly different pieces). And as I stated numerous times before the Flying Bomber piece was derived from Checkers. 

It is strange that you find the rules complex. Are you talking about the movement of the ninja pawn, or some other piece? The castling rules? The en-passant? Even if the writing is substandard as you claim - the rules are not complex. 

Addressing your laughable comments on the other thread. So you think that 
Leko will lose a game of Rococo to anyone on this site?

Are you not the expert on that game?  I never played Rococo in my life and I still won the only game I ever played.  Is it not clear to you why? 

And you are betting Susan Polgar losing too? You do realize that she played a Capablanca Game and won against another well known inventor (and strong chessplayer)?

I would love to see this happen and place a wager with you. 

Seriously though you really believe Leko will lose Rococo to a non-GM? 

I think I overestimated your understanding of chess.