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Pick the Piece Big Chess. In this customizable game, players decide on the pieces to fill two empty slots and those to be dropped during play. (10x10, Cells: 100) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on 2008-05-09 UTC
(It is bad form to Rate one's own article for any reason. That was one small agreement even prolificists had with ordinary CV fans.) The Preset with Falcons is still up at 23.April.2008 Comment and so yesterday's Comment is still relevant -- that by Doctrine Equivalents it falls under the Patent. Daniel means to say ''now-irrelevant'' as if he had removed it already. The Preset is not bothersome and we approved it. That was the point, to keep the Patents and Copyrights tidy. New piece of ('Korean Elephant' + 'Knight') would not be ''multi-path.'' See article ''Multi-path Chess Pieces.'' That piece, taking Daniel's wording for latest Preset, would be instead simple compound. Multi-pathers and compounds are of course worlds apart, as CV analysis has matured. In 22.April.2008 Comment here, as elsewhere, is explanation why Falcon subsumes also-patented-in-effect ''Bison,'' never used in CV before our use in 1992. Bison thus is special-case Falcon for intellectual property purposes. For example, anyone can use Falcon-Bison on 8x8 and in such as Gilman's conceptions with exotics like long-range leapers, including AOF1. Actually in fact, we just as soon Daniel leave the Falcon-PtPBC Preset since having now analyzed the subject a little here. We shall respond to Joyce's Comment of this thread, touching as it does on proliferation and manners, and need to find right place to do so (away from insignificant PtPBC).