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The Pizza Kings. An experimental army for Chess with Different Armies, with lots of calories.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
John Lawson wrote on 2008-05-04 UTC
'It is about 1.25 pawn stronger than a Queen, 1075 on my scale (on 10x8 board).'
It was strong enough to unbalance the army relative to the other 'equal armies'.  Note also that, as a short-range piece, the Meatball would devalue on the larger 10x8 board.
Yes, I know there are other ways to name the piece and describe the move.  Part of the fun of the experimental equal armies vogue in 2001 was an amusing theme, and in those days using Betza's funny notation was routine.
I also invented a Nemoroth variant that could not be published here, since it was based on bodily fluids and secretions.