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Aberg variation of Capablanca's Chess. Different setup and castling rules. (10x8, Cells: 80) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Hans Aberg wrote on 2008-04-29 UTC
| Larry Kaufman has applied the method on (pre-existing) Human
| Grand-Master games, to determine piece values for 8x8 Chess.

If I look at:
he says things like:
  [...] an unpaired bishop and knight are of equal value [...], so
  positional considerations [...] will decide which piece is better.
and also see the section 'Applications'.

In other words, he is using a statistical approach merely as a point of departure for developing a theory which combines point values with other reasoning, such as positional judgement.

The values he gives though are interesting:
  P=1, N=3¼, B=3¼, BB=+½, R=5, Q=9¾
where BB is the bishop pair.