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YellowJournalism[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
gnohmon wrote on 2002-04-12 UTC
Dear 'Editor in Yellow', Programmers who have junketed to i18n fora know that col[u]rs have various meaning in various cultures. For example, in Italian, yellow is the color of mystery.[1] is a text which should be added as a supplemental and corrective link, but not just yet. My apologies for having made so many errors and rewrites and addenda. should be read and criticized by our critical public until a critical mass of agreement is reached, and then the editor should step in, whether yellow or dark sea green 3. should soon be on the cv pages, but first the multitude should fish in it for errors and omissions. should someday be authoratative, but meanwhile, please allow me to grovel and cringe, O great Editor who knows not his ablative from his elboh, may I humbly beg you to please change for me one great omission in the original Nemoroth file? As stated in, repetition of position is forbidden! Your humble supplicant is humbled with shame, how can I have omitted to say this? I be so ipse dissed that I'd almost seppuku but no, so much better to tofuku. I have disemboweled a bean curd to express my embare-ass-ment. By all means, treat as authoritative, and please accept from this humble supplicant a case of root beer, or if you prefer, a single bottle of Hennepin.