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This item is a craft page
It belongs to categories: Orthodox chess, 
It was last modified on: 2006-02-01
 By Ron  Hale-Evans. An EconoSplurge Chess Variant Set. Chess Variant Set.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Ron Hale-Evans wrote on 2002-12-03 UTC
<p>Thanks to everyone, including David Howe, for the positive feedback so far. I was afraid this page would go over like the lead in a weighted chess piece. Let me reiterate that the whole idea of using felt was that of my wife Marty Hale-Evans, then address a few of the comments below, chronologically.</p> <p><b>Peter:</b> (1) I think you're right about the variety of felt colours available. My local craft store had only a limited selection, but there were at least a few kinds of green, a couple of reds, and so on. I tried to pick colours that would harmonise. (2) Using squares instead of hexes is a great idea, thanks! I had already read <a href=''> Tony Quintanilla's page</a>, wherein he makes a Glinksy Hex Chess board out of square ceramic tiles, but I had forgotten. Perhaps I will submit a second page with more board photos. Glinksy is one CV I hope to play soon. (3) As for your tactical comment: DOH! I am not a strong Chess player. One reason I made a CV construction set is so I can become a better strategist and tactician without having to memorise volumes of orthodox Chess openings.</p> <p><b>John:</b> Great suggestion, thanks. I priced some quilting tools online, and you're right, they can be slightly expensive. However, a request on my gaming group's mailing list revealed that one of our players has close ties with a local quilting shop, so I'm pursuing that lead.</p> <p><b>Fergus:</b> Thanks for your suggestion. We already have a sewing machine, so no problem there. I may eventually sew together groups of squares as you suggest, but it seems to me that that may multiply my effort and the amount of felt I need while reducing versatility. For example, Dragonchess calls for a white-and-blue board to represent the sky. If all of my white squares are sewn together with black or brown ones, I'll have to cut out a new set of white squares just for Dragonchess. Setting up really large boards may become tiresome eventually if I retain individual squares, but right now it's not much trouble. For example, the other day we wanted to play Ultima and had misplaced our usual 8x8 board (a Martian Chess board from Looney Labs, with canals). With two people placing light squares, and omitting the dark squares altogether as described above, setup only took a minute or two. Perhaps if I can locate some quilting tools, as John suggests, it will be faster and easier to cut squares, and I'll give your idea a try.</p>