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je ju wrote on 2008-03-31 UTC
The Official Registration Thread for the Pot Luck 2008 Tournament!

If interested in playing in a round-robin tournament, starting in groups
of four, please post a note.  

The tournament will be played with games brought to the tournament by the
players.  The player may or may not have invented the games.  Each player
may bring one, two or three games.  If bringing one game, they will play
it 3 times per round.  If bringing three games, they will play each game
once per round.  If bringing 2 games, they'll play one once and one twice
per round.

Different players are permitted to bring the same games.

If a majority of participants vote to veto a game, it's bounced and has
to be replaced.  A veto may be cast for any reason whatsoever.

A replacement may also be vetoed by majority vote.

Registration closes April 7th, 12 midnight, GMT.

From that time, each registrant will have 7 days to put forth the game(s)
they wish to play in the tournament.  Upon the completion of the posting
period, there will be a 48 hour veto period.  If 48 hours pass without a
majority veto, the game will be included.  If vetoed, a new nomination
will also get a 48 hour veto window.

Each game brought will be an away game, meaning the bringer plays
'his/her' game as black.

Each player will play each other player in their group of 4 twice, once in
the game they brought (as black) and once in the game their opponent
brought (as white).

At the end of the round robin, the top two advance to the next level, the
bottom two to the losers round.

Interested players will be accepted in multiples of 4 (though if we end up
with a multiple of 5 or 3 we may be able to tweak it). we are...

Step one: 

Who wants in?  Sign up by April 7th, 12 midnight, GMT

Step two:

Nominate the game(s) you want to play between April 7th, 12 midnight, GMT
and April 14th midnight GMT

Step three:  

Once all veto periods are complete and games are set, a schedule will be
set up.  Pools will be organized based on current 365 day ratings.

If interested, please sign up...should be a fun, conveniently organized,
efficiently run, quick to start, reasonably timed tournament.