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Ninety-one and a Half Trillion Falcon Chess Variants. Missing description[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on 2008-01-15 UTC
RN214 Hot Potato. Capture more widely than particular square a piece rests. (a) no effect (b) Player designates opponent's Hot Potato, one piece-type for the duration. Hot Potato, being either RNBF or Q any of which, can be captured only on 8 adjacent squares that are vacant, not present standing square. (c) 'b', Hot Potato can be captured only on such adjacent Black squares. (d) 'c' White squares for Black side and Black for White (e) 'c', King and Pawn may additionally capture H.P. on standing square. (f) 'd', 'e' (g) 'b' H.P. captured only on orthogonally adjacent square (h) 'b' as 'g' except diagonally adjacent (i) 'c', 'e', 'g' (j) 'c', 'e', 'h' (k) 'c', 'f', 'g' (l) 'd', 'f', 'h' (m) 'b', 'e' (n) 'd', 'f' (o) 'b', 'c', 'g' (p) 'b', 'c', 'h' (q) 'b', 'd', 'g' (r) 'b', 'd', 'h' (s) 'b', Player may relay Hot-Potato designation to any adjacent own piece-type by sacrificing one Pawn, immediately removed, in lieu of turn. The chosen piece-type becomes the side's H-P. (t) 'e', 's' (u) 'd', 'e', 's' (v) 'f', 's' (w) 'f', 'g', 's' (x) 'f', 'h', 's' (y) 's', the relay, or change, requires two-Pawn sacrifice. (z) 'e', 'y', (aa) 'd', 'e', 'y' (bb) 'f', 'y' (cc) 'f', 'g', 'y' (dd) 'f', 'h', 'y' (ee) 's' three Pawns (ff) 'e', 'ee' (gg) 'd', 'e', 'ee' (hh) 'f', 'ee' (ii) 'f', 'g', 'ee' (jj) 'f', 'h', 'ee' (kk) 'b', capture of any H. P. voids the effect for remaining duration. (ll) 'c', 'kk' (mm) 'b', capture of any H.P. removes any other H.P., meaning same piece-type of the side. (nn) 'c', 'mm' (oo) 'd', 'e', 'mm' (pp) 'f', 'mm' (qq) 'f', 'g', 'mm' (rr) 'f', 'h', 's', 'mm' (ss) 'd', 'e', 'y', 'kk' (tt) 'd', 'e', 'y', 'mm' (uu) 'g', capture of H.P. with no more of that piece-type on board relays the H.-P. effect in the sequence NBRFQN, so there is always Hot Potato whilst any piece at all on board by side. (vv) 'uu' except reversing as NQFRBN. Cumulative: 4.32460325 x 10^43 playable Chess Rules-Sets in combination.