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Ninety-one and a Half Trillion Falcon Chess Variants. Missing description[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on 2008-01-14 UTC
RN213 The Sea Is Rough. One or more squares skew line pieces exclusively and systematically. [48 variates, one theme: see also Betza's Earthquake and Sibahi's Quake Chess for relatedness.] (a) no effect (b) Whenever Kings are on opposite-colour squares, the Sea is Rough. So, standard 8x10 and 10x10 the Sea is Calm initially. When Sea is Rough, line pieces (RBQ) travel one, two or three steps normally, then shift 45 degrees one square, after which continuing in original direction. Where the shift actually begins (at the third square) determines whether it is right or left. For this 'RN213b', any square left side of board effects shift 45 left, and right side 45 degrees right. (On such as 15x15, RN301, either shift may be employed at option along the center line.) (c) 'b', shift occurs square two. (d) 'b', shift-effect takes place square four. (e) 'b', shift begins at square one, i.e., after one normal step. (f) 'c', Knights also shift by moving to (2,4) or (3,4) at option but no further. (g) 'e' and 'f' (h) 'b', right side and left side reverse, called 'Southern Hemisphere effect' (i) 'b' except Sea is Rough iff defined shift-square is same colour as King's present square (j) 'b' except the determinant is the combined Kings' ranks being odd (k) 'b' except the determinant is the combined Kings files being odd (a=1,b=2...) (l) 'b' with the determinant(odd) the combined number of pieces and Pawns adjacent to own King (m) 'l' only pieces (n) 'l' only Pawns (o) 'l' opposite King's pieces (p) 'l' opposite King's Pawns (q) 'l' enemy King's pieces & Pawns (r) 'c'&'j' (s) 'd'&'j' (t) 'e','f','j' (u)'e','f','k' (v)'e','f','l' (w)'d','f','k' (x)'d','f','l' (y)'d','f','n' (z)'d','f','o' (aa)'h','k' (bb)'h','l' (cc)'h','m' (dd)'h','n' (ee)'h','i' (ff)'h','j' (gg) 'h','k' (hh)'h','l' (ii) 'h','m' (jj) 'h','n' (kk) 'h','j' (ll) 'c','f','q' (mm) 'd','f','q' (nn) 'd','h' (oo) 'e', with Pawns also shifting on double step. (pp) 'e', 'f' 'oo'. Cumulative: 9.009591024 x 10^41, as many games as water molecules in notional cylinder upon, or within, the Atlantic Ocean 3.0 kilometers in diameter and 0.5 kilometer deep.