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Zero Relay Chess. Pieces can occcupy the same square and then relay their powers to each other. (8x8, Cells: 64) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Peter Aronson wrote on 2002-11-26 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
It's always neat when you can combine two ideas that already exist, and produce something new and interesting! I like the solo Pawn capture restriction. Tony Quintanilla and I have been playing a version of Relay Chess by e-mail lately, and it started out as a bloodbath, and by move 25 or so there were no Pawns left. <p> <hr> <h4>Wilder Mildewed Zero Relay Chess</h4> I'll take a stab at this. The rules have two parts, of course. <p> <ol> <li><b>Wilder</b>: Wild Zero Relay Chess plus Pawns <em>can</em> promote using relay powers, and Kings give (but do not gain) relay powers.</li> <p> <li><b>Mildewed</b>: pieces standing still too long in crowded squares start growing mildewed, and lose the ability to relay their powers. Any square that contains two or more pieces continuously for three or more turns is marked with a mildew chip. Pieces in squares with a mildew chip do not relay their powers. A mildew chip is removed at any time that the square contains no pieces.</li> </ol> <p> <b>Archoniclastic Zero Relay Chess</b> would also be an interesing game, and would not have the colorbound piece issue that regular <a href='../boardrules.dir/archoniclastic-chess.html'>Archoniclastic Chess</a> has.