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Millennium Chess A game information page
. Commercial variant on 15 by 8 board with almost twice the normal set of pieces.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Robert wrote on 2007-11-02 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
I am not an avid player of chess. Many reasons. Yet when I was first
introduced to the inventor of this game whom is wheel chair bound, I
became hooked in playing the Millennium Chess Game after playing Bruce
Gustin and listening to his story of how he came to invent this game. I
now donated my time to help others play the game. My third player I ever
showed how to play was a six year old that after playing this game six
times I could not beat him. After six years this boy became a young man
and is now a RATED CHESS PLAYER. I been playing this game for seven years
now and every game I learn new moves, building my confidence, Yes
CHECKMATE can be made in six moves knowing there are 60 pieces in play .
Others might say why make change or it is a poor game they are so cheated
and spoiled and lack the ability to see that this game doesn't take long
to conquer the great play moves that is a given in a larger Battlefield.
Also if you wanted to the boards can be set up to play conventional chess
game. Therefore you need not have two separate game boards. Millennium
Chess offers Four different game boards with two sets of pieces for  great
prices. A roll-up board on up to a Wooden Board. The largest is a Grand
Master Board. I own Both. I just saw on the Discover Channel a Clip on how
they found a 15x4 game board  and it could be the first Chess game board
that dates back 3000 years. Makes me wonder did we fool ourselves with the
current standard chess game or did we forget that there is always room to
expand our abilities to grow? Those that rate this game poor are those
that have failed themselves because they didn't have the ability to
develop such a great game? Write to [email protected] they will
give you the number to the inventor and  chat with him about his game or
just go to the Dutchess County Fair Grounds  next August they been there
for the last seven years and it just amazes me  to see the thrill on those
that play this game of Millennium Chess. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Also I have a
link so you can play it on line ~ send a request to me at
[email protected] or check out their MSN GROUP TO PLAY (COPY AND