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Switching Chess. In addition to normal moves, switch with an adjacent friendly piece. (8x8, Cells: 64) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on 2007-10-17 UTC
As pointed out last month, Switching Chess seems to be a Mutator declining in popularity. No Comments for two years except for these two noting no Comments. No move in a GC match-up of Switching Chess for a year, not one move but the Jeju game completed. Three years ago Switching was considered near the top. Switching is an effect that, instead of deepening, seems more prosaic, or commonplace, comparatively uninteresting as a little time is put into study. To its credit Switching should be considered as FIDE-type-replacement prospect. By contrast, recent ongoing analysis of Ralph Betza's Chess with Inverse Capture is of an article never before even Commented. Rather being in the category of CV freeform, it somehow invites deeper analysis than Switching Chess -- the opposite of what would be expected. And CwICapture has actually been borrowed from unacknowledged. We are getting to that over at its thread. Offhand, the only derivative use so far of Switching is in '91.5 Trillion'. The lack of standards and too free rein for politics cause these illusive fluctuations.