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Disintegration Chess. Win by disintegrating 3 Kings and having 1 left. (5x9, Cells: 45) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Gary Gifford wrote on 2007-09-16 UTC
Abdul-Rahman, yes, you are correct. When a King is checked it 'disintegrates' and is removed from the game, so putting each of the three Kings into check will usually win the game.  Black gets one last move when his last King is removed, giving him a chance to get a draw.  

Note also that I have updated the board to a 9 x 5 one.  I did not like White having such a forceful attack as provided in the 7 x 7 example.  I have kept that example in the notes to explain why the board was modified. 

I have also added a new diagram to show several disintegrations.

B,C, and D pawns can now move an initial 2-spaces on this board of 5-files and 9-ranks.