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Falcon Hexagonal Chess. The Falcon into the Hexagonal world. (Cells: 121) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Charles Gilman wrote on 2007-09-15 UTC
Colourswitching is something that I first read about on these pages (for
and understood very quickly. The significance is that if a piece
alternates between two bindings, then the one that last moved from is the
one that it will next move two. You can glance at a Knight at any stage of
a square or cubic game and correctly predict that after it has made [insert
number] more moves it will be on a [insert light or dark] cell. It was
analysed long before I knew anything of it. What is the significance of
moving from one for another of three bindings, or even four? The King
(once it can no longer castle) always moves to a different Dabbaba
binding, likewise the Gnu, but both can triangulate. Moving between
Dabbaba bindings matters only to the likes of the Ferz and Camel, which
alternate between only two of these.