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Falcon Chess: Background and Patent Text Excerpts. With background summary of chess variants.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on 2007-08-31 UTC
Thanks for the input. That one is called Cheops Falcon Chess over here and actually since 1993, and Abdul-Rahman mentions it too in Comment yr. 2007 at that Falcon Chess year 2000 article, but there is no Preset for this FRNBQK... We think it works oddly to develop Falcon and to tuck co-equal Falcon in the corner Omega-like just to preserve more of a 'RNB' semblence. It ranks 4th or 5th to taste, and right now RNFBQK... is official Chess, always subject to be overtaken by the one ARSibahi likes RFNBQK..., or original RNBF..., or even one with Knights more centralized, or Falcon's centralized RNBQFFKBNR, Osiris' Falcon Chess protecting them all too. [Maybe a re-look makes this 'Cheops Falcon-cornered' currently third choice, so hoping for a Preset to try it here too]