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List of fairy pieces. A long list of fairy piece name and sources.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on 2007-08-30 UTC
JJoyce asks under 'Multiform': 'How many people actually read this board?' Answer, probably closer to 10 than 100 are really following with comprehension the Multiform thread, 'Complementarity' article/Comments and 'Short-Range' article's Comments, as well as our own 'FatallyFlawed' thread -- all four more or less about proliferation of Rules-Sets/pieces. There are some neat complementary pieces proposed or revived. As Commenter, I have not myself yet dissected STrenholme's recent long Comment on pieces for example, and we spend a lot of time at this, and intend to try to relate Trenholme's and JGoode's lists to what RBetza already did. Precisely because JJoyce's system is work-in-progress, there are fewer close readers, because people prefer a finished product and to be told that 'thus and such' are the categories/criteria on pieces/values. Experts lay the groundwork and everyone will follow, including the next Bobby Fischers or Paul Morphys. Lately, Mark Thompson(about Omega Chess), JGoode and Greg Strong(about some CV of their own) have also chided, 'Did you play it?' It needs to be drilled in that is all but impossible for every wild idea. One cannot really play-test with discrimination more than 1 or 2 Rules-Sets a day. Proof that Falcon is an actual mathematical complement of R,N,B, we may as well start in own established threads, not expecting anymore the simpleminded attacks of the early aughts(Aughts are present decade following the nineties, right?, getting back to basics).