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Arabian Chess. Large modern variant of historic Shatranj, with more pieces and flying carpets. (11x9, Cells: 84) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Peter Aronson wrote on 2002-11-13 UTC
A couple of questions on movement: <p> (1) The rules that no piece may move over the center square -- does this apply to the jumping pieces (Elephant, Dabbabah and Knight)? <p> (2) Can you move over the non-squares surrounding magic carpet squares? For example, if Magic Carpets are at a3 and a5 but not a4, could a Dabbabah on a3 leap to a5? <p> (3) Does the Knight have a standard path it follows when it moves, such as one square orthogonally followed by one square diagonally, or two squares orthogonally and one square at right angles? (FIDE Chess Knights, for the record, have no path, they just move to a square two squares away that a Queen could not move to.) The reason why it might matter is the effect of the missing center and edge squares -- if they can't be leapt over, then the path of the Knight needs to be determined. <p> I assume that if two Magic Carpet squares are currently adjacent, they may be moved between normally?