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Derek Nalls wrote on 2007-07-06 UTC
When I searched-out Opti Chess, I expediently focused-in upon a select set
of only 24 CRC variants where the king & queen occupied the center files.

1.  Indisputably, the queen is the most valuable piece in the game (after
the king).

2.  I consider the queen the most capable piece at protecting the king
since the chancellor and archbishop can be threatened without reciprocity
from a large distance by sliders that move differently.  Specifically, the
chancellor can be threatened by the bishop and the archbishop can be
threatened by the rook.

Nonetheless, I was intrigued by your assertion that the 2 other composite
pieces (chancellor and archbishop) are worthy escorts for the king.  So, I
have been examining your select set of 72 CRC variants for a few days now.

Using more stringent criteria, I determined all 24 CRC variants centered
by the king & archbishop to have a minor fault due to the impossibility of
placing BOTH the queen and the chancellor on opposite-colored spaces than
the archbishop for balance.  So, I felt no need to examine them in further

The reasons?

1.  Composite pieces containing color-bound bishops (i.e., the queen &
archbishop) should be on opposite (light-dark) spaces for balance.

2.  Composite pieces containing color-changing knights (i.e., the
chancellor & archbishop) should be on opposite (light-dark) spaces for

This left me with a select set of only 48 CRC variants (24 king & queen
centered and 24 king & chancellor centered) that needed to be explored in
detail- half of which I had examined long ago.  Accordingly, I created a
*.zrf to chart my results visually and when finished, conveniently share
with others:

Select CRC Analysis Tool

I hope you find it interesting.