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Dave's Silly Example Game. This is Dave Howe's example of a user-posted game. (2x2, Cells: 4) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on 2007-06-25 UTC
Puzzle One Solution:
8   P____K____N____ ____ ____B____ ____P  White small letters
7   P____ ____ ____ ____ ____C____ ____P  Conventional Pawns
6   P____D____E____ ____ ____R____ ____P  D = Dragon 5-square,5+way 
5   P____I____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____P  C = Crooked Bishop
4   p____i____ ____w____w____ ____ ____p  B = Ibis leaper
3   p____ ____ ____w____ ____ ____ ____p  E = Elbow Chess Rook
2   p____ ____ ____ ____ ____f____w____p  w = Wazir (1,2)
1   p____ ____ ____ ____f____k____ ____p  f = Ferz (2,2)
                                          I,i = Immobilizer
    a    b    c    d    e    f    g    h

There would be thousands of hard-to-find solutions CVPage-indexed pieces.  One explanation: put all 16 standard Pawns in a-file and h-file. How about Immobilizers (Ultima) at b4 White and b5 Black. Black Dragon at b6 is after 'Falcons, Scorpions and Dragon.' E is Elbow Chess Rook in 'Multipath Chess Pieces,' after Pritchard ECV, having to make one 90-degree change of direction each move.  Black Crooked Bishop at f7 is Betza's. Black Ibis(or Namel: 2,8) at f8 is Gilman concoction (hey let's find the things some use).
Justification: If Wazir at either d4 or d3 moves, Dragon-b6 has a pathway.
If Wazir-e4 moves or Wazir-g2 moves, Crooked Bishop at f7 has pathway. 
If Ferz-f2 moves, Rook checks making it illegal.
If Ferz-e1 moves, Elbow-Rook-c6 has its pathway.
King cannot move because of Ibis-f8 and the Elbow Chess one again. 
So, no White piece can move: beyond 'zugzwang,' half-the-board immobilization by all pre-existent pieces. QED. (More elegant may be upgrading one+ W/F to at least N because of relative strengths or some one-piece-type principle of economy. Puzzle Two remains more difficult)