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Warrior Chess. Game where pieces earn money so that you can buy Warriors and weapons to arm them with. (8x8, Cells: 64) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
JustinBridges wrote on 2002-11-04 UTC
Mike -
Thanks for the feedback.  

I agree with you that the Rook/Swords and Bishop/Swords combinations are
overvalued, but sometimes you have to overpay to make a piece a little
stronger.  Actually the weakest and most overvalued combo of all is the
Swords/Swords, but given the right circumstances it can still be a great

The game creates situations that force players to play these 'bad' combos
and one of your goals should be to try to get your opponent into a trap
where they have to overpay for weapons.  (Think of it as the 'economics'
battle in the game.)

Just as you overpay for Rook/Swords, Bishop/Swords and Swords/Swords, you
underpay for putting Rook/Bishop, Rook/Knight and Bishop/Knight combos
into play.  The relative values only hold for a warrior using a single
weapon while the combined pieces will have varying degrees of over and

Despite its slight overvaluation, I really like the Rook/Swords combo,
because it is such an effective attacker, but is vulnerable to a rear
flank by a dropped Warrior.

Since the game is already a bit complex, I didn't really want to add more
movement options to the undervalued combos, even though it might make

Thanks again for trying Warrior Chess and please keep the feedback coming.