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Experiments in Symmetry. Several experimental games to test whether perfect symmetry makes a game better.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Derek Nalls wrote on 2007-02-11 UTC
Large Variants

Mirror West Chess

This game extends the board to 10 files by 8 ranks, giving each player 1
extra queen and 1 extra king.  White's first rank is RNBQKKQBNR and
black's is symmetric to it.  Hence, the name as the western 5 files from
Chess are mirrored and duplicated.  Each player gets 10 pawns.

The 2 kings should be royal on an extinction basis with the loss of the
first king [whichever one] not stopping the game but loss of the second
king causing the loss of the game.  For the purposes of comparison to
Chess, I am displeased with this alteration to the game-ending condition
but I see no way to avoid it while preserving all of the original pieces
with their original opening setup and original numbers as much as
possible.  Notwithstanding, Mormon Chess is arguably a better game for
the purposes of comparison because the game-ending condition is not altered.

Essentially, 'long-side' castlings to both sides would be accommodated,
each involving a different king and rook.

This game could be implemented using the Zillions Of Games program but
not using SMIRF or ChessV due to their intolerance for more than 1 king.