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Three Handed Chess. Three handed Chess with special rules to promote 3-way play. (Cells: 96) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Arak Leatham wrote on 2006-11-11 UTC
I hope to clarify the pawn moves, on the three-handed hexagon board (the one where all squares are diamond shaped). IF you consider the starting rows as the 'base' for each kingdom, Forward motion for your pawns on the left, go toward the opposing base for the kingdom on the left. Your Pawns on the right go toward the kingdom on the right. If a pawn from the left attacks accross and ends on the right, it now orients forward motion toward the right. Obviously this re-orientation can only happen inside your own kingdom. Then the 'rose' cneter has to be considered. Inside it's own kingdom, if a pawn happens to attack to one of the pettal squares at the 'rose' center, it now has a choice for attack only. These are the two ajacent same color squares on the 'rose'. if it crosses the centerline, as before, it's orientation changes too. It's normal forward move is still based on the side of the board it is on.