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Nested Chess. A variant hiding another on its diagonals. (15x15, Cells: 141) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Jeremy Good wrote on 2006-08-21 UTC
Charles, looks intriguing and worthy of further investigation. A technical point, if I may? The Dabbabante actually appears to be different from the closely related Dabbabah rider. I presume V.R. Parton invented the Dabbabante for his Dabbabante Chess. Here is a description of the piece from that page: Dabbabanate Chess 'It is tempting to consider the Dabbabante a sort of Dabbabah-Rider (that is, a piece that can make repeated leaps of two squares orthogonally in the same direction as long as all the squares landed on but possible the last, are empty), but it isn't, really. Instead, the Dabbabante is a Super Dabbabah, able not only to leap (0,2), but (0,4), (0,6) and (0,8) as well. It is leaper, not a rider.'

Edited in 8-22: In other words, I believe it's a mistake to refer to the dabbabah rider and dabbabante as equivalent.