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Three Handed Chess. Three handed Chess with special rules to promote 3-way play. (Cells: 96) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Jaan wrote on 2006-07-30 UTC
I am researching the 3-player chess rules out there for use with a 2/3/4 player chequered board I've patented. My idea to get over the 'petty diplomacy problem' as you call it is to simply allow King captures at which point the capturing army 'recruits' all the captured King's remaining pieces. This is such an advantage to the capturing side that the third side, rather than allow this to happen, must come to the threatened King's aid. I've played many many games with these rules and they work really well. Tension and material tends to be maintained for long periods regardless of player's respective strengths. Have you come across rules like this before? best wishes Jaan