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Overprotection Chess. If an attacked piece is more often defended than it is attacked, it gains extra powers. (8x8, Cells: 64) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Peter Aronson wrote on 2002-04-09 UTC
Busy editorial beavers have made the requested edits to this page, all the while whistling the 'Happy Editor' song. <p> Ok, I read the part about having to be attacked to be overprotected, but somehow it didn't sink in. But there's still a lovely paradox here. <p> Consider: <blockquote> White has Pawns on <b>a3</b>, <b>b4</b> and <b>c3</b>, and a Rook on <b>b1</b>. <p> Black has Pawns on <b>a6</b>, <b>b5</b> and <b>c6</b>, a Rook on <b>b8</b>, and a Bishop on <b>d6</b>. </blockquote> The white Pawn on <b>b4</b> is attacked by one piece, and defended by three, so it can move and capture as a Wazir. Which means it attacks the black Pawn on <b>b5</b>. The black Pawn is then attacked by one, and defended by three, so <em>it</em> can now move and capture like a Wazir. But this reduces the white Pawn on <b>b4</b> from being overprotected by two to being overprotected by one, which means it can no longer capture the black Pawn at <b>b5</b>. But if it can not capture the black Pawn at <b>b5</b>, the black Pawn isn't attacked, and so can't capture the white Pawn which suddenly overprotected by two, which means it <em>can</em> capture the black Pawn. But it can't . . .