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Roberto Lavieri wrote on 2006-06-23 UTC
We need a Preset for Connected Chess, and I encourage W.D.Troyka to add a Page for this excellent game. And for the votes, I´m a bit surprised by the fact that Omega Chess is ahead of Grand Chess, but it can happen. Some new games have merits for a higher votation, like Christine´s SKY, actually with 5 votes. Aaah, Christine: Congrats, In the FIFA World Cup Australia is in the last 16, the game against Croatia is one of the best I have seen in the cup, regardless the arbiter (with his help the result was 2-2, but Australia could win 4-2 with a correct arbitrage). Australia is a good team, much better than I have had suppose. The next time Australia is going to face...ITALY!. Cherry, I can´t say to you 'good luck' this time, sorry.