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Chess Variant Pages Rating System. Missing description[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
David Howe wrote on 2006-06-23 UTC
Hi Joe,

>> Next, how do I sign up?

Go to any of your game pages (the quickest way to do that is to go to your
information page, and click on the 'Items this person invented' link. Any
of the items under the 'Game' section can be submitted for entry in the
rating system. Just display the web page for the game you want to submit,
and you'll see near the bottom, right above the author/inventor line, a
link to 'Submit this game to be available for rating!'. Click on that
link and follow the instructions. You have 7 games you invented, so it
shouldn't be too much of an effort for you to submit them individually. I
just hope Ralph Betza doesn't try to submit all his! ;-)

Note that only GAME pages may be submitted for rating. If you have a game
courier or zillions item that you want to submit, just create a game page
for it first, and then submit the game page. I am limiting ratings to game
pages to avoid one person rating game X's zillions page, while another
person rates game X's game courier preset and yet another person rates
game X's game information page.

All for now. Please continue with the feedback, and thank you for the kind
words. My experience tells me I will be making lots of changes to this
system, so don't be shy about suggestions.