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Gary Gifford wrote on 2006-06-07 UTC
Related to the proposed 'Ferris Wheel' Piece (in the recent Joe Joyce ELK comment, is the Proteus 6-sided dice piece. Proteus is a dice-based chess variant by Steve Jackson. It is played on a standard chess board. Each side has 8 dice with a different piece on each face. You start with 8 pawns, but each turn you get to change one of your dice to a more powerful piece, or a level down (so a Pawn could turn into a moveless, captureless Pyramid or a Bishop. As pieces become more powerful, they become worth more points to your opponent. You win by points or when your opponent cannot make the required 2-moves which are to move 1 piece and promote (or demote) another. The dice-pieces must follow the designated chain of promote/demote... it is an interesting and challenging game.