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The Central Squares. 3d chess variant where all three levels share their central squares. (6x6x3, Cells: 100) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Joe Joyce wrote on 2006-05-04 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
The basic idea of this game is excellent. The geometry of the board is
intriguing, and I'm impressed by the cleverness of fiting the board into
100 squares (for the 100 square contest). 
I, too, have a question on the knight's move, however, prompted by my
attempt at an answer to Jeremy's question. I figured this way:
 - the central squares are not 'really' on board B, they are 'really'
on boards A, B, and C, most likely simultaneously but apparently on any
level at will.
 - for the 'dabbabah' move to happen, the knight must move 1 'up' from
B to A on the central square on which it starts, then it 'turns 90' and
moves 2 across board A to the side, ending between the 2 moves made as if
the knight started on board A, move 2 to the side, then turned 90 and
moved 1 along the side. Or start the other way and do the same thing on
However, if that's correct, then the knight can be considered to be on
board C to start, move C to B to A on that same central square for the 2
square leg of its move, then turn 90 and move 1 square off the original
central square to end. And that would add 4 squares to the knight's move
in the diagram, the 2 light squares next to the lower left-hand corner of
the boards A and C central holes. So I may not understand this very well.