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Glinski's Hexagonal Chess. Chess on a board made out of hexagons. (Cells: 91) (Recognized!)[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Sam Trenholme wrote on 2006-03-16 UTC
I agree that six games is not an exhaustive sample. However, it's the best data I have available. Now, I don't have enough of a background in statistics to give you a error percentage with these figures; however, it may be telling that we have played 31 FIDE Chess games on Game Courier and not one of them ended in a draw.

Then again, according to this Russian page (translated via the fish here) King + Rook vs. King (and King + Queen vs. King) is a mate against a bare King.

I wish I had more game results to look at to see just how drawish this game is; the results over at Game Courier don't make this game look very good.

Perhaps Glinski's Hex Chess with Shogi drops?

- Sam

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