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Single Comment

Haunted Chess. Missing description (8x8, Cells: 64) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
stéphane burkhart wrote on 2006-03-09 UTC
the java game has just in common with my game the reappearance of a
or ghost once the capturing piece leaves the square.
Then, my spirits can move freely, but may capture living enemies only if
they are 'invoked', which means, in usual Chess, that their square is
defended by friend living pieces.
May be a small example ? (prefix 'S' for Spirit, W for white, B for
1 WP e2e4 - BP e7e5
2 WN g1f3 - BN b8c6
3 WB f1b5 - BP d7d6
4 WBb5xBNc6  -> SBN c6 - BPb7xWBc6 -> hierarchical rule: SWB wins against
so remain on square c6 BP and SWB
5 WP c2c3 - BPc6c5 -> no check !
6 WQ d1a4 check by WB ! - etc...