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Cross3D Chess. 3D Chess game where pieces are arranged in a cross shape. (8x8x8, Cells: 512) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
stephane burkhart wrote on 2006-01-12 UTC
The new release with double move variant is now available.
As I expected, Mating the King is much easier (and faster) this way, but
some new features appear that I didn't preview, and that I may have to
modify for the next release:
First, you can play 2 pieces (ex. 2 knights) of the same row or rank on
first turn, which introduce new kinds of openings compared to 2D, but
it matter ? there are new kinds of openings anyway !  
Second, Bishops and Queens can be protected by there relatives,
respectiveley Bishop and Queen, which is a new feature compared to 2D.
2 Queens are especially vicious and devastating, and the 2 Bishops of the
same color supporting each other is a bit strange. I wonder if I
shouldn't better restrict their move by letting them avoid each other's
way...or may be this feature will enrich the Game ?