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Switching Chess. In addition to normal moves, switch with an adjacent friendly piece. (8x8, Cells: 64) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Gary Gifford wrote on 2006-01-07 UTC
Andreas Kaufmann suggested two resolutions:

1) I play another move instead of 22. Re1 and we start using a new rules
(pinned piece can't switch).

2) Gary takes a move back, which was based on assumptions that a pinned
piece can't switch and we continue without this rule.

I like solution #1.  I think a pinned piece cannot move, just as a
castling can not occur through a check.  Tony Q. (the games inventor) also
leans towards this concept, thought it was not addressed in the rules.

By going back to allow Andreas a replacement move for 22 we are at a point
in the game where our different mind-sets is irrelevant.

Andreas, if you agree to option #1 I will go back to the end of my move 21
and you can make a different # 22.   We would then play on with the rule
that a pinned piece cannot expose a King to check (similar to the castling
rule).   Please let me know as soon as possible and we can recommence.

And thank you for offering 2 possible resolutions.  Sincerely, Gary