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American ChessA game information page
. Large variant. Remove Generals from center columns to win.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Andy Thomas wrote on 2005-12-13 UTC
thanks for the review christine... i'm happy you find this variant as
interesting as i do... as you know, i had been fiddling with larry's
superlative zillions implementation of american chess, in order to try and
create, 'american blitz chess'... what with 2 boards side by side (22x9)
and upwards of 50 pieces per side!... there were 2 and 3 moves per side in
each turn... well, 'american blitz chess' is still kind of a dream... but
in the meantime i stumbled across the 'marseilles' chess variant whereby
with a FIDE setup the players would get two moves apiece per turn, the
latest version having a sequence of 'white black black white'
('marseilles balanced, invented in 1992')... so i thought i would try
this with standard american chess as a way of creating a restrained
(one-board) version of 'american blitz chess'

anyway, if anyone is playing american chess, if you add this code to the
end of the .zrf file:

	(title 'American Chess - Marseilles')
	(turn-order Blue Red Red Blue)

then you can play this thrilling ('marseilles') variant 'through'
american chess... trust me... this is what american chess was meant to
be!... even more pressure packed than before!... maybe it's the perfect
chess variant!... lol... :) ... well at least from a certain artistic and
emotional standpoint... ;)