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Three Handed Chess. Three handed Chess with special rules to promote 3-way play. (Cells: 96) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Jonathan wrote on 2005-10-01 UTC
Yeah, I am not too sure how clear I made the rules. I actually authored them more than two years before submitting them, and never really took the time to review them for clarity. They obviously make sense in my mind, but without some help from others, I can't see where it falls short. I will tell you that since there are two apparent options in the central diagonals, for the purpose of the game, the only one that could be used is the one to the right. Therefore, a bishop in kingdom A passing through the center could only go to kingdom B, or a pawn in kingdom B could face two pieces in the diagonals of A or C, but could only capture the piece in kingdom C. I hope this is clear for now, but I will probably revise my rules. I've not tested them with anyone besides myself, truthfully, so any other feedback or problems are more than welcome.