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Cross3D Chess. 3D Chess game where pieces are arranged in a cross shape. (8x8x8, Cells: 512) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Larry Smith wrote on 2005-08-21 UTC
Stephane, you may be confusing planar pieces with the dynamics of my Planar
4x4x4 Chess.  Check out Gavin Smith's game for the dynamics of planar

I have recently began advocating that the moves of diagonal and triagonal
planar pieces should not contain voids within their planes.  This would
reduce their power but could make visualization of their moves a bit
easier and maybe more logical.  This is based upon the reasoning that a
linear piece might normally not be allowed to leap across voids in a

Forgive my rants about 3D Chess, it is one of the passions of my life.  I
hold out the hope that one day a 3D game will be developed which will
receive enough acceptance as to actually supplant the Mad Queen's