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This item is a game information page
It belongs to categories: Orthodox chess, 
It was last modified on: 2001-09-29
 Author: Hans L. Bodlaender. Chaturanga for four players.. Oldest multiplayer chess variant. (8x8, Cells: 64) (Recognized!)[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Jean-Louis Cazaux wrote on 2005-07-10 UTCGood ★★★★
I strongly disagree with the anonymous reader who rated this page:
Curiously, he is making History going the wrong way, against the time
direction. Murray wrote in 1913 and his book is an impressive work, even
today. If few points are now outdated, he can not be outdated neither by
Forbes writing in 1860 nor Cox writing in 1801. The Cox-Forbes theory has
never been confirmed and nodody gives credit to it in 2005 ! It is against
all evidence, even though several mis-informed authors do continue to copy
each other and repeat the mistake saying this game was the ancestor of
Chess. But you can believe what you want, maybe Martians or Venusians did
invent 4Handed Chaturanga and brought it to India, maybe Cullen was a
Venusian too as I do not know any Cullen. I know a Stewart Culin, who was
a great ethnologist in the begining of the XX c., who wrote a lot about
games, but Chess was not his speciality at all. 
This page is Good.
Jean-Louis Cazaux