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Roberto Lavieri wrote on Sun, Jun 12, 2005 12:03 PM UTC:
After many headaches, I have finally completed the first
Maxima/Ultima/Baroque HEXAGONAL variant, and the ZRF is almost ready, it
will be posted in one or two weeks. The initial idea has had to be changed
a lot: it is not easy to construct a good game of this kind in a hexagonal
board, and my first attempts have shown to me some of the problems: the
new directions are an obstacle for a good game of this kind, more than a
good new element, and some pieces, like Coordinators, Chameleons and Mages
are horrible in hexagonal boards. Following the wave of names for this kind
of games, the new game name is TOCCATA. It has elements from Maxima (the
main idea), from Hexagonal Chess (of course), from Fugue, Ultima and other
variants, but also new elements, proper for the game. I have a good opinion
about the final resulting game. If you are patient, in a couple of weeks
you can make your own opinion!.